WHO AM I?Evona Niewiadomska Infographic Design

I specialize in creating unique and engaging infographics that tell your story through a compelling visually display. With a background in marketing and design I bring a unique perspective to each project by incorporating both marketing strategy and creative.

I am a problem solver and work well with little direction, never hesitating to take initiative. As an extension of your team I am FULLY committed to delivering a quality product and exceeding your expectations (That’s a promise!). It’s also my number one priority to be timely, communicative and ultra responsive.


I work with businesses who understand the value and want to LEVERAGE DESIGN & DIGITAL STRATEGY to take their brand to the next level. I value honesty, teamwork and communication in the people I work with and bring all three to the table myself.

Infographics present complex information very quickly and clearly using charts, graphs, images, maps, lists, tables, etc.. Each infographic design is custom crafted to the individual brand, data set and overall project goals.  Some of my clients include Samsung, Synthesio, Seventh Generation, HP, Google, and more!

If you’re looking for a unique way to STAND OUT and catch the attention of your customers, email me at evona.wiktoria@gmail.com


What do I need to begin? I start with a word doc from you containing all of the finalized copy/text. What that means is that if you are looking at the finished infographic – If you take out all the text and put it into a word document (title, paragraphs, stats, headings, subheadings, footer, CTA) that’s what I start with! The document would contain all the copy in it’s final form so that I can use it to build it out visually.


1. Understanding Your Project Goals:

It’s very important to me to understand the objectives and motivations behind each project I work on in order to effectively communicate the project/marketing goals through design. The goals for the design project … Who’s reading it, what should they get out of it or think after reading it. Is it a direct sales piece, a thought leadership piece and where is it being viewed?


2. Branding and Style Guide

How do you want the infographic to look & feel? Should it reflect your brand and tie in elements from your website/logo etc? Is it fun? Is it corporate? Is it a mix of both? Do you have an example ‘look’ that you like or something that caught your eye online? If your company has specific colors/fonts/etc… I’ll make sure to incorporate those into the design.


3. Creative Concept & Sketch

I’ll craft a creative concept and sketch — Ive worked with a range of clients including those who have a specific vision and those that tell me to ‘have at it!’ – I’m comfortable with both. You’ll get a chance to review/discuss the sketch before we approve the initial design .. if something is off it’s easier to get it right on sketch first. From there we move into design! Turn around time: 1-3 business days


4. Design

Everyone likes to work differently but what’s important to me is that you enjoy the entire process. Armed with the project goals, creative concept and style guide and once we’re in agreement with a general design plan (sketch), I’ll duck into my creative cave to come up with what I think hits everything on our checklist. I’ll send you a first draft to soak in, share with your team, ask friends/family to weigh in on (whatever your process may be)… and we’ll start the review process. Turn around time: 5-7 business days

5. Review Process

This is a sub-portion of the design process but extremely important and where I truly stand out. This is a team effort and I am completely open to you feedback, edits, criticism, what you love/hate, etc.. My job is to create a design you are 200% happy with and I take that very seriously. Upon receiving the first draft I encourage you to share your thoughts on even the smallest of details, size and shape, color, you name it! If you think something is off in a particular area but are not sure what it needs, we can talk about it! Saying things like “this should be highlighted more” – no problem – I’ll go back into my cave and continue mixing and matching till I’ve got it right. In practice this means I do not have a limit on revisions or edits – we are in this together and we wont stop until we’re done! Turn around time: Feedback time varies by client and depends on many people need to see it internally but when I do get edits back from you, I send a revised design either same day or within 1-2 business days


6. Sealed, Stamped & Delivered!

When we hit this point we’re smiling ear to ear! We’ve got what we want and the digital ink has dried. You’ll receive (via email) the file formats you need: jpeg, png, pdf – these are the most common. If you need others, make sure to tell me in the beginning so I know I’m able to either provide them or give you a compatible format.



Depending on your timeline, target deadline and how long our review process takes (which is the biggest variable), the completed project time does vary – Generally and when given immediate feedback, I would recommend at least 2-3 weeks. I am extremely conscience of deadlines and am committed to staying on target, always aiming to over deliver. I also make myself available with open lines of communication throughout the entire process and am extremely responsive (phone, email, Skype..) and timely.